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Moulin Rouge's Journal

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16th July 2009

scarymissmady10:58pm: icons + wallpaper + banner
{16} Michael Jackson
{10} Jussi 69 [The 69 Eyes] *
{15} Lovex **
{10} Apocalyptica [Perttu & Eicca] ***
{05} Ville Valo animations [HIM]
{14} Ville Valo [HIM]
{12} The Rasmus **
{20} Twilight [Bella & Edward]
{28} Moulin Rouge
{17} Nicole Kidman

{18} Eric Northman [True Blood]
{05} Alexander Skarsgård

{30} Travis Fimmel

{2} Ian Somerhalder
{1} Travis Fimmel

{1} Alexander Skarsgård
{1} Moulin Rouge

{1} Michael Jackson
{1} Eric Northman [True Blood]
{1} Moulin Rouge [Satine]


HERE @ scarymissmady

9th July 2009

bubblebobblegir10:15pm: The board at Spectacular! Spectacular!': THE Moulin Rouge Board is having a birthday!
August 21st, 2009, the 8th anniversary of the board:


It's time!

Anyone up for a chat on the 21st? It's a Friday. If more than one person is interested, I might even update the website http://www.spectacularx2.com *gasp*.

I don't recall doing anything special for the movie anniversary.

Let's get this party started... quickly!

Head on over to http://moulinrouge.yuku.com/topic/2976 for discussion!

6th August 2005

krazy17899:37pm: Hi I'm Jessica and there is this VERY alive Moulin Rogue message board, in which we love to talk about this amazing film. ANYONE is invited to join! Here it is: http://lamourfou.10.forumer.com/index.php

5th March 2005

jen_aubrey11:04pm: although i love moulin rouge...this community isnt very alive.

i'm leaving.

13th February 2005


6th February 2005

jen_aubrey1:36pm: heres an icon..not the best..but if you take..just tell me that you are and make sure and credit!

7th January 2005

lalaland_lost10:14am: Hey!
Hello guys! I just joined the community b/c I love Moulin Rouge, it has to be my favorite movie ever. I would like to find icons of it coz i suck at making them. So if anyone can show me a whole bunch id love that!

22nd November 2004

dinkylorenzo7:01pm: Moulin Rouge Icons...

hi, i have some icons for you all, please comment and credit to either myself or my icon community, iconxbrothel , i have more there so join if youre interested, i hope you guys like em...

1.  2.  3.

more...Collapse )

12th September 2004

supasexyjulia9:18pm: Hello there! I'm knew here, and I ADORE Moulin Rouge. It's the best movie ever. :-)

I'm Julia. I'm 14. and I'm from New Hampshire.



14th July 2004

super_laura1:31am: Sign up here and get PAID just to read e-mails! Get $5 just for signing up!

11th July 2004

bubblebobblegir4:04am: yeee haw!! I just went and saw Moulin Rouge! in a real theatre! I went the last two nights, because the Tivoli theatre in St. Louis, Missouri is having midnight showings for 3 weekends only. Hope you can make it next weekend. It's the last. Anyway there's more information as well as a little bit of what happened on my LJ. Also you can check out the Tivoli's website at www.landmarktheatres.com and just go to the St. Louis Region. It's only playing this coming Friday and Saturday night. I hope I can make it again. Last night I converted a friend from work and I think she might be hankering to go again.
Current Mood: giddy

9th July 2004

truckergurl_131:22pm: Hey, I have this moulin rouge layout, on my own lj, but I like how on this one, the words are kinda just "layered" on i cant relee explain it, its like the normal bac ground of the entries arent there and all you can see is the words on top of the image bacground, well i want that for my lj, can sumbody give me a code of sumsort?

thank u

3rd July 2004

babyevil9:04pm: Intro and a question!
Hey all! I'm Tasha, I'm 15 years-old and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I looooooove this movie so so so much! I have watched it 3 times in the last 2 days. Kinda sad, no? Anyhoo, I can't wait to post here; i'm sure I'll have fun!

Quick question,
You know the quote: "My heart aches completely every hour every day. And only when I am with you does the pain go away"?
um...where in the movie is that quote? I have been rattling my brain for HOURS tryin to remember! Can you all help me out?

Thanks everyone!

~Tasha xoxo
Current Mood: crazy

26th June 2004

_spurothemoment4:59pm: Im hillary, i just joined.
im thouroughly OBSESSED with moulin rouge. nicole and ewan work GREAT together.

can anyone else here do the hindu dance from the end of the movie?

23rd May 2004

iconxbrothel5:58pm: Movie Icons...

hey guys,
i just updated by icon LJ [iconxbrothel ] with some new movie icons [click HERE to see them], there are a couple of Moulin Rouge ones, so check it out...

but my LJ is friends only, so if you want to see the icons, click HERE, read the rules, comment, add me and ill do the same...



21st May 2004

renaissancerose6:29pm: this is awesome - a moulin rouge community!!! i love it. moulin rouge is one of my favorite musicals/movies and my friend and i watch it way too much...but it's so great! does anybody else here ~collect~ musicals?
Current Mood: content

25th April 2004

gasolinebreath8:58pm: Does anyone have the sheet music or anything that resembles that for "complainte de la butte" i need to do it for a music assessment in two weeks...and i'm not skilled enough to figure it out myself

8th April 2004

perpetualbeauty1:59am: Icon Update
I have Moulin Rouge icons here.

20th March 2004

iconxbrothel6:24pm: hey guys, im new, i love Moulin Rouge, of course, and ive made a bunch of icons that are posted on my LJ [iconxbrothel] and im always posting more, so check it out, please read the info page first, and enjoy...nice to meet you all...

15th January 2004

jazzykeen12:54pm: Moulin Rouge icons!
Let me know if you take them, please credit me.


Tons more Behind the CutCollapse )
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18th June 2003

mayfair3:05pm: Sorry for the crosspost/off topicness. But I made an icon request community, icons_by_dani and I'd love it if some of you could join! :)

1st June 2003

rougevelvet10:33am: Happy Second Birthday MR!
Well, the AIM chat is about to start, so if you're around the place hop on to AIM and join in!


Message Board Bday Banner

*In the name of love, one night in the name of love....*

24th May 2003

rougevelvet5:45pm: MR's 2nd Birthday Party...you're invited!
Yes, folks, can you believe it, two years have passed already! ...well almost, on June 1st, MR will hit the (terrible ;)) twos!

So this goes out to any MR fans. The Spectacular! Spectacular! Message Board is hosting this annual shindig once again. If you wanna come along, just let me know your AOL (AIM INSTANT MESSENGER) username and rock up at the right time!

Hope to see you there!

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9th May 2003

freshlikesalsa10:41pm: Hey
HI, I am new to the community. I am a huge Moulin Rouge Fan, especially Ewan McGregor. I am glad i found a community who shares my interest for Moulin Rouge.

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5th May 2003

rougevelvet9:50pm: Finally in something in Print! Congratulations Baz and Catherine
Though the Moulin Rouge Message Board** has known for almost two months now, we finally got print confirmation that Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are indeed expecting their first child!


Catherine is 16 weeks along, and we should be expecting their latest creation in October, YAY!

Baby news and congrats HERE!

**You must have an ezboard account to veiw the Message Board, and you need to be registered with Spectacular! Spectacular! to post.

~*~ KATE ~*~
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